Patio Gazebo in Duarte, CA

A patio gazebo in Duarte, CA is a gazebo that sits on or is built into your patio and is very easy and affordable to do. Prices range is $3000 to several thousand or more, depending on size, material, or quality and is comparable to other gazebo styles. You can incorporate a patio gazebo in Duarte, CA in the design of a new patio, or you can modify an existing patio to accommodate a gazebo.

First decide where on your patio you would like the gazebo to be situated. patio gazebo in Duarte, CA. For small to mid-size patios, the corner is a great place to put a gazebo. It will be out of the way, saving space, yet still displayed prominently enough to be an accent people will notice. Large patios give you more flexibility. If you want to put the gazebo right in the very middle of your patio, then by all means, do it. You can "justify" such placement by arranging surrounding patio furniture accordingly.

Most design professionals agree that it is important to make sure you match the style of the gazebo with the patio, house, and other surrounding buildings so it works well with existing structures. But as a homeowner, the final design choice is yours.

Patio gazebos are installed by either bolting them to the surface of your patio, or by cutting post holes in your patio and cementing the posts into the ground below. Consult the manufacturer to decide which method to use, and how to go about doing it. Depending on the design and weight of your gazebo, methods will vary.

Some patio gazebo in Duarte, CAs simply sit on top of the patio. If this is the case, be sure that it is heavy enough not to blow away in the wind! Again, consult the manufacturer. The best freestanding gazebos are metal - preferably wrought iron - since they are usually quite. Even if your metal gazebo has a canvas roof, chances are that only the strongest and most particular of hurricanes will disturb it.

If you think you don't have room to accommodate a gazebo, you might consider permanent awnings. Awnings are constructed of wood, metal, or clear polymers, extending from the wall of the house and slanting downward to allow precipitation to slide off. They are a wonderful way to cool off in the shade and stay dry from the rain, at a lower cost and in a small area than a whole gazebo.


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